Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Look into my eyes...

What do you see?...

"Red and yellow, and pink and green, orange and purple and blue, I can [see] a rainbow, [see] a rainbow, [see] a rainbow too."

Bold lips were not the only talking point this season, but the colour above your eyes. If you are just as playful with your 'pout', then why not take inspiration from Christian Dior, and 'smile with your eyes,' or as Tyra Banks would say, 'smize!'

Christian Dior S/S 11

Christain Dior S/S 11

What is great about this look, is that you can wear both, and get away with it. You can wear your eyes as bright as you like, with a flawless canvass, but you can also compliment the look with bold lips too, and still rock! I salute you Dior

Maybelline New York 2011 Limited Edition Calender, July

Spring/Summer 11 is fierce!!!

Monday, 25 April 2011

'I can see your true colours shining through...' The future is bright!

Not only have we seen a super explosion of colour on the catwalk, it has now spread to the world of beauty. If you love make-up, if you are bold and bashful and if you are sure to be bang on trend, well bold lips were unmissable for this years spring/summer make-up trends.

As much as I love wearing make-up, unfortunately, I am not part of the 'bold and bashful', however, this does not mean that I do not love the concept of tangerine or fuchsia pinks, or even  vivacious purples lips for that matter, to draw attention on a sunny summers' day.  

All over the catwalk, to be bold as bash is the craze, and now it can be in a make-up bag near you. So, unlike me, dont be afraid to have a little fun and turn heads while you speak.

Seen in Jil Sander, Diane Von Furstenberg and Fendi, it is not difficult to make a statement with vibrant colours as our signature look. And why not?

Jil Sander, Marni S/S 11
Marni S/S 11

Diane Von Furstenberg S/S 11

Fendi S/S 11

Fendi S/S 11

From fuchsia pinks to tangerines, lemons and sexy reds; the fever of the season is colour. 


With a look like this, it is not difficult to create. The key thing to have in mind, is that these colours should be worn on a blank canvass; very little should be going on elsewhere. Let your lips do all the talking! 

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

New Colours on the Block

It's been a long winter, but the clocks have finally gone forward; the days and nights are brighter and the visionaries of fashion have come full circle to a colourful rendition of spring/summer trends for 2011.

From neon brights' of cobalt blue, canary yellows and succulent tangerines to poppy reds and peacock- blues to name a few. These colours set to make our wardrobes as every bit exciting as our summer should be.

So, colours were everywhere! Milan, London, Paris, and New York. And rightfully so, it is summer! (Personally, if I had to wear another layer of clothing, despite the connotations, I would of strangled someone.) But, what made it even more interesting was the way in which these colours are set to be worn. Otherwise known as 'colour blocking', and for those who are not a 100 per cent sure about what that means, it is simply mixing and matching bold contrasting colours. In this instance, 'opposites attract' Covered by many designers this season, from across the globe, here are a few insights on how to do it.

Mix 'n' match was the name of the game, and it was certainly present in Jil Sander's collection of brights' in London.

He should have a folder labelled the 'neon collections.' With another neon inspired collection, Christopher Kane steps back in time, and does not hold back with an electrifying and luminous creation of neon greens to yellows to pinks and oranges for 2011; turn the lights on!

In true style, a model clutches a purse sending a clear message from Holly Fulton's ready-to-wear collection for S/S 11. 'Holly says relax' maybe construed as something we should all bear in mind given current affairs! However, her glamorous 'ready-to-go' inspired collection for summer and this lemon sun-dress is all you need to rise for the occasion.

A subtle burst of orange tied around this fuschia pink jump suit without fail had heads turning at Sonia Rykiel's show.

From neon to this beautiful free flowing poppy red, Lanvin showed us you do not have to go to extreme lengths to be on trend. If you are someone who likes the illuminous look, but not confident to wear it exclusively, then you can tone it down with a darker shade.

And as you will see from Max Mara's, only the 'bold and the beautiful' can be seen in this seasons new look.