Monday, 25 April 2011

'I can see your true colours shining through...' The future is bright!

Not only have we seen a super explosion of colour on the catwalk, it has now spread to the world of beauty. If you love make-up, if you are bold and bashful and if you are sure to be bang on trend, well bold lips were unmissable for this years spring/summer make-up trends.

As much as I love wearing make-up, unfortunately, I am not part of the 'bold and bashful', however, this does not mean that I do not love the concept of tangerine or fuchsia pinks, or even  vivacious purples lips for that matter, to draw attention on a sunny summers' day.  

All over the catwalk, to be bold as bash is the craze, and now it can be in a make-up bag near you. So, unlike me, dont be afraid to have a little fun and turn heads while you speak.

Seen in Jil Sander, Diane Von Furstenberg and Fendi, it is not difficult to make a statement with vibrant colours as our signature look. And why not?

Jil Sander, Marni S/S 11
Marni S/S 11

Diane Von Furstenberg S/S 11

Fendi S/S 11

Fendi S/S 11

From fuchsia pinks to tangerines, lemons and sexy reds; the fever of the season is colour. 


With a look like this, it is not difficult to create. The key thing to have in mind, is that these colours should be worn on a blank canvass; very little should be going on elsewhere. Let your lips do all the talking! 


  1. I'm in love with apricot tones at the moment! Gorgeous on a darker skin...and why have you not joined the 'bright & bold' crowd?!

  2. I am not sure really. Please forgive me, I love it! But, I just don't have what it takes to carry it off. My lips already make a statement, so I don't want to draw any more attention than necessary. Have you seen the size of them? Just imagine, what would I look like?... The thought terrifies me!