Wednesday, 11 May 2011


As much as I love every aspect of fashion, in recent years, it has become the hot topic, and the most important tool, for overcoming barriers of confidence and building self-esteem, but is it? There seems to be a false sense of security, which its failure to recognise beauty extends not just in the tools of promotion, but culturally too. 

The media albeit TV, glossy magazines or film all contribute to setting standards of unattainable beauty rather than promoting what is naturally out of our control, therefore placing unnecessary pressures on women, and men, to meet those standards. The media can also be held responsible for the multi billion pound industry driven by the cravings of the ‘big fat man’ on top of his throne!

The infectious nature of ‘celebrity culture’ (whatever that means) has seen a society crave for instant recognition for doing very little as an outlet for self-gratification and glorification, without the most important ingredient for hard work of blood, sweat and tears. The cult of celebrities and the grandeur designers of our time have, and do play, an integral part in the marketing of fashion commodities, publicised to a consumer constituency much wider than the elites of the fashion capitals of the world.

 The ‘social aspect of fashion’ has become big business; in particular, the issue of body imaging, which is worthwhile exploring, with an open and honest thought. It is likely that more and more young girls and women develop anxiety about the way they look, and will make tremendous effort to achieve it. Or are we already passed that point? 

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