Monday, 24 October 2011

LFW - The Rodnik Band S/S 12

The Rodnik Band's was a fusion of fashion and pop art. The ocean inspired collection, "Save The Sea", signified a fun-filled insight to a bold, yet fashionable move to re-ignite our perception of contemporary 21st century styles as energetic and forthcoming. Fashion meets Andy Warhol meets The Sex Pistols draws on conceptual designs with a strong punk rock musical influences for each piece, to take satire to 'wuthering heights' and absolutely reminds us of the love affair, that is fashion, but also to remind us about the force of fashion, as a tool to voice one's political beliefs, agendas and thoughts, and yet maintain reverence for the apparel as a medium to captivate a message embedded in his collection. 

Far from any traditionalist, Colbert's typical choice of quintessential attire for his message for fashion-seekers to relish in the creative talent that is, The Rodnik Band, yet not forget the responsibility we have to spread the word and get involved in more concerning matters of depth and meaning.


  1. wow I AM absolutely in love with the yellow trench coat!!!

  2. I agree! It is a clever design; subtle and sweet