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Gaga goes "Gagalocious" for Rebecca Short

"Never in a million years would I have ever imagined I would be dressing celebrities, let alone one of the biggest fashion icons of all time; it’s a huge honour!"

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We all know Lady Gaga is no stranger to making headline news with her eccentric-outrageous yet stylishly artistic vision of fashion, however in this instance, it was 'who' she wore that caused just as much intrigue as 'what' she wore, to spark an international frenzy from fashionistas alike.

Unbeknown to many, including the designer herself, the pop diva opted to wear the creation of an unknown British fashion design student, above and beyond the giants from McQueen to Armani, for her latest escapade. The extravagant oversized beige dress, with exaggerated shoulders, made out of the fabric neoprene (rubber), more commonly used for wetsuits; raised eyebrows and word began to spread very quickly to find out who was the 'talent' behind this unusual design.
Image Courtesy of Birmingham City University

It was the vision and artistic nature of Birmingham City University graduate, Rebecca Short, who stole the headline with her three dimensional experimental work focusing on shape and the female form, that would ultimately catch the eye of the Lady Gaga's stylist,  who asked to borrow the dress for the fashion icon to wear at a major press conference in Sinagpore, after she spotted the dress  on the catwalk of London's Graduate Fashion Week (GFW).

Image Courtesy of Rebecca Short

The star-studded dress was part of the final project for her degree. Made up of six pieces, she presented the collection at the event solely for the best BA graduate fashion design talent in the UK, in June this year. We had a chance to catch up with the young designer to share her creative visions for her work, future and amazing achievement to date; the dress she designed for Lady Gaga.
When and why did you choose fashion (design)?
My mum taught me how to use a sewing machine at a young age, so I was always attempting to make things for me and my friends to wear (often unsuccessfully). I really enjoyed textiles at school and carried this on at ‘A’ level where I became more and more interested in fashion. After starting my degree in fashion design, I knew it was where I wanted my future to lie. I love the quick moving, exciting pace of the industry, and I enjoy the fact that no two days are the same! 
What was your creative vision for the collection?
My collection was inspired by the concept of negative space and the works of artists, Rachel Whitread and Gordon Matta-Clark and minimalist artists, Donald Judd and John Pawson, whose work led me to experiment with a number of three dimensional draping and cutting techniques.
Aiming to produce a collection that is stripped back, clean cut, with the focus on shape and form, minimalism too was a key element. I chose a muted colour palette of grey and beige hues to compliment the Autumn/Winter season.     
Images Courtesy of Artsthread

What inspires and influences your designs?
I draw a great deal of my inspiration from architecture and from visiting exhibitions. 
Who or what has been your greatest influence on your work?
I really admire the work of Jill Sander, Raff Simons and in particular Calvin Klein whose work is always so beautifully clean cut, fresh and modern. 
How would you define your work?
Stripped back, clean cut placing the emphasis on shape and form.
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Who have you interned for other than “By Suzannah”? What have you learnt from those experiences? How will you apply what you learnt to your own work?
I carried out a number of interns whilst at university. The main one being, ‘By Suzannah’, a luxury womenswear designer, based in London, whom I now work for as a fashion design assistant to the head designer. I have also interned for womenswear designer label, ‘Harriets Muse’, and trend forecasting company, ‘The Trend Boutique.’ I strongly believe it’s extremely important to carry out as many internships as you can whilst studying, as it gives you invaluable first hand experience and a great insight into the jobs available; it really helps you to work out where you are best suited in the industry and helps put the skills you have gained into practise. 
What where your feelings when you discovered Lady Gaga chose to wear one of your designs and how has that impacted your career thus far? 
It was such an overwhelming and dream like experience! I feel so lucky to have achieved something like this fresh out of university; it makes all the hard work feel like it has been worth it! Never in a million years would I have ever imagined I would be dressing celebrities let alone one of the biggest fashion icons of all time, it’s a huge honour! 
With the fashion  industry and one of the best-selling artists of all time and fashion icon of the moment taking a sound interest in her work, it is clear Rebecca Short has a prosperous future ahead in design.  You can view Rebecca's work at  or follow her on Twitter@RebeccaShort98 or simply send her an email at

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