Sunday, 8 November 2009

Opportunity Knocks...

Unfortunately, you may have gathered that I did not make it to the Untold Glam Live shows in London. Who believes this industry is not an industry of contacts? "It's not what you know, but who you know?" Unbeknown to myself, I had the opportunity to work backstage but not enough time to make preparations. Is that a worthy excuse to not attend, participate and potentially meet the one who would ultimately take me to a place I dream and strive to be in...? Well, we will never know. Another ship sailed, another opportunity gone, another voyage to seek. Disappointed? Yes. Frustrated? Yes. Given up? Absolutely not!

Looking forward to the reviews of Jimmy Choo at H&M (Even though I have been lucky enough to preview the collection before they reach the stores- courtesy of having contacts) I am overwhelmed with excitement of potentially owning a pair of shoes designed by the infamous "Jimmy Choo." I am already at war with someone who believes they have what it takes to bag a pair of grey suede shoe-boots with a refined Rock Glam look. Exquisite!

A little closer to home, Birmingham that is, I have the pleasure of going to House of Fraser's (Rackhams in my day) Beauty Glamour Event on Tuesday. I am not an expert when it comes to beauty but I am an expert wherever there is discount! 10% off cosmetics and 20% off accessories; you would be a fool to miss out on that!

I like to wear make-up, and I am by no means an expert on application. If my make-up tips are anything to go by then your in for a rough ride. However, I know what not to do to make me look like a cheap drag queen!

Tired as I am, I look forward to what the fashion industry constantly has to offer. Currently studying a Masters in Fashion Media; I am hopeful that I will make the progress I believe I deserve. Highly driven and focused to personal and professional goals, I am far from missing anymore opportunities, and do you know why? Because there will be others. This is just the beginning. Like Bloggers "I am Fashion," who have recently made the decision to call it a day, they were young students, with a passion for fashion on a small budget, but exceeded all odds through commitment and dedication to expressing their inhibitions for the constant evolution of: shoes, bags and clothes, they established a popular blog with loyal readers devastated by their departure. Why? All because they were determined to have their voices heard. I am no different. In fact, none of us are. If you want something, you can and will get it.

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