Wednesday, 28 October 2009


Well, my exciting expedition to purchase the ultimate shoe-boot on Tueday was a little disappointing to say the least. In Sunday's Fabulous Magazine, I saw the most "fabulocious" pair of footwear, however as usual, I built myself up for a huge let down. They were a silver metallic croc print shoe-boot, round toe with elasticated fit on either side of the ankle and a criss-cross elastic lace. They were £18 from Matalan. Now to say I was disappointed is to put it lightly. Christmas is coming, and you and I both know it is a time of metallics and sequins, so it is "bag on trend" as [they] say. But nonethless, for someone who is very particular about how they like their shoe-boot to look on their feet then it was beyond disappointment. Don't get me wrong, I did or do (by the time i assess the shoe, i will be able to give you an answer) like or love the shoe...No, no, no. I like the shoe! I just didn't love it! I have an important rule for shoe-boots, and that is, if you do not like any space around the ankle because they are quite slim then try to avoid ankle boots that do not fit the bridge of your ankle. This was the case for me. I am very fussy about how they should look, so if they had fit my foot they way I thought they would then I would be singing a different song right now.

Isn't it funny when you see something in the magazine and then when you go to purchase it it is completely different to how it is presented? The first time I saw them; I was blown away! My intial thoughts were "I am getting those tomorrow." I studied them for that brief moment before my boyfriend's sister took the magazine. I didn't need the picture because my memory is a photographic especially when it comes to footwear. I memorised every detail down to the finest print. But as usual, it did not encapsulate the detail I encapsulated in my head (if there is such a word) Oh, I should also mention that I have this small thing for pointed-toe shoe-boots. Please don't ask me why?...The reason being is that I like things...(Oh goodness me I am struggling here) Ok, there are some things you cannot explain and this is one of them. There is no explanation for people's taste; people like what they like! And that is that I suppose. I am no exception. I have this thing about pointed-toe shoe-boots. I think they make my foot look far more attractive than a round-toe and this is what the boots from Matalan were like. Now, as I said in the previous blog "Thinking out aloud about Fashion" platforms have become, not only a favourite but a preference nowadays, so it ticked the box in that respect, but there was still no point. I tried to convince myself as much as possible but the butterflies weren't flying, and that my friends is when it is right to buy.

Never mind I say and move on the to the next desire. Isn't it funny that we desire the things we want more than we need? Could it be sub consciously we know that we will secure the things we need at some point but the things we want is far more challenging therefore more inviting and more exciting?

Right, I find it difficult to close if I don't have relating topic. I know, hopefully I will be in London attending Glam Live at Earls Court on Friday so I will have lots to share. Now I need to think about what I am going to wear; it is natural!

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